Synbiotic Health Team Welcomes Mallory Van Haute as Lab Scientist

With a decade’s experience in food and microbiology, Van Haute will help execute on Synbiotic Health’s ambitious R&D program

LINCOLN, Neb.  – October 1, 2021 – Microbiome-based ingredient company Synbiotic Health welcomes team member Mallory Van Haute this week in the role of Laboratory Scientist. Van Haute brings ten years’ scientific experience in food and gastrointestinal microbiology, having worked in multiple academic laboratories at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She has been Research Manager at the Nebraska Food for Health Center and has more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications.

In the role of Scientist at Synbiotic Health, Van Haute will report to CSO Dr. Zac Lewis and carry out research and development activities in the company’s innovation pipeline. She will lead lab work and bioinformatic projects to guide product development and deliver new health-promoting ingredients to market. She holds an M.S. in Food Science & Technology from University of Nebraska – Lincoln and is nearing completion of her Ph.D.

“Mallory has worked closely with some of our founders for many years, and brings exceptional knowledge and experience in diet-microbiome interactions to our team” says CSO Dr. Zac Lewis. “We could not be happier that she is joining us. Her presence increases our capacity to discover new ecologically advanced probiotic strains, design intelligently paired synbiotics, and rationally target the aspects of human health where our product development approach will yield superior results for consumers.

About Synbiotic Health

Synbiotic Health was founded in 2018 by four well-known microbiome research scientists to develop targeted microbiome ingredients to support health. Based on over 10 years of research, Synbiotic Health will develop and commercialize Ecologically Advanced Probiotics™ as well as rationally designed Synergistic Synbiotics™.

The foundation of Synbiotic Health’s research focuses on understanding the gut environment and its ecological framework: how probiotics and other microbiome-based ingredients interact with and influence the resident microbes in the gut. Synbiotic Health’s approach considers the entire ecosystem and the specific traits and functions necessary for microbiome-altering ingredients to perform and improve human health.

The Scientific Founder team includes Dr. Robert Hutkins and Dr. Andy Benson with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Food for Health Center; Dr. Jens Walter with APC Microbiome Ireland, University College Cork; and Dr. Tom Burkey, an animal scientist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Synbiotic Health will commercialize its first ecologically-advanced probiotic – iVS-1™ Advanced Probiotic™ – in 2021 and is in the process of completing additional clinical studies to further define the health benefits of additional novel ingredients.

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