Synbiotic Health, founded in 2017, is a scientific research and discovery company focused on improving human health through the gut microbiome. We focus our efforts on discovering ingredients that are truly important to the human gut ecosystem and proving that they can better impact health in positive ways.

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Q. Why was Synbiotic Health founded?

The company represents the culmination of years of scientific discoveries with a goal of developing microbiome-targeting ingredients for improved health.

Q. Who are the scientific founders of Synbiotic Health?

Synbiotic Health was formed by four well-known microbiome scientists whose research focuses on understanding the gut environment and its ecological framework—especially how probiotics and diet interact with the resident microbes in the gut. The Scientific Founder team includes Dr. Robert Hutkins and Dr. Andy Benson with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Food for Health Center; Dr. Jens Walter with APC Microbiome Ireland, University College Cork; and Dr. Tom Burkey, an animal scientist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Q. What makes the Synbiotic Health team experts in the microbiome?

The scientific founders and extended scientific team have over 100 years of collective experience in microbiome research, microbiology, and food science, and have collectively published over 300 scientific articles in these areas. They are academic scientists who are highly respected in their respective fields, with frequent invitations to speak at academic and industry conferences and events. Together they have created a new way to influence the ecology of the microbiome to support overall health.

Q. What unique technology has Synbiotic Health developed?

The research of the founders led to discovery and development pipelines that include the iVS (In Vivo Selection) and iVE (In Vitro Enrichment) technology platforms. These platforms allow Synbiotic Health to intelligently pair prebiotics with probiotic strains to create synbiotics. The scientific founders have published numerous research articles supporting Synbiotic Health technologies and ingredients.

Q. What is Synbiotic Health’s scientific approach?

Synbiotic Health’s product development processes consider the entire gut ecosystem and the specific traits and functions necessary for microbiota-altering ingredients to impact the microbial community in ways that support health.

Q. What kind of synbiotics does Synbiotic Helath develop?

The company provides support for innovation in any kind of synbiotic. Complementary synbiotics include live microorganisms and a substrate, which are each shown to confer health benefits when delivered independently. Synergistic synbiotics include live microorganisms that are delivered together with their preferred food source (i.e. substrate) – in other words, intelligently paired and designed to work together. In synergistic synbiotics, the live microorganisms can out-compete other microbes in the gut environment because they are nourished by the prebiotic. Synergistic combinations are intended to achieve greater health impacts than either ingredient could on its own.

Q. What sets Synbiotic Health apart from other probiotic and synbiotic research organizations?

Three factors set Synbiotic Health apart:

  • Unique ecological approach. Synbiotic Health bases its product development on ecological principles, enabled by proprietary technology processes (iVS and iVE) to create Advanced Probiotics® and Synergistic Synbiotics® that offer greater potential for health impacts than other ingredients.
  • Engaged expert team. Synbiotic Health is guided by a strong scientific team of world experts in microbiome research and gut microbial ecology.
  • High scientific standards. Synbiotic Health’s product development approach was vetted and published in peer-reviewed journals, and the company proves the efficacy of its products using high-quality placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Q. Where is the company headquartered?

The Synbiotic Health corporate office and labs are proudly headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Nebraska Innovation Campus of the University of Nebraska.

Q. What products or services does Synbiotic Health offer today?

Synbiotic Health offers scientific research services to companies aiming to develop the next generation of gut microbiome-focused products for better health.