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Our unique scientific approach yields ingredients designed to more successfully alter the gut microbial community. Because we develop ingredients based on our deep understanding of ecology Synbiotic Health’s offerings impact the gut microbiota better than competitors, to support digestive and overall health.


Using the latest technologies in microbiome health, Synbiotic Health has developed rigorous selection methods to create novel ingredients – ecologically-advanced probiotics, pinpointed prebiotics, and synergistic synbiotics™ – targeting the gut microbiota to promote optimal health.


Synbiotic Health was established by experienced scientific founders with a proven record of success in advancing scientific innovation and commercialization in the field of probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics.

We envision a better understanding of gut-dwelling microbial species and how they interact with food in the body to impact our health, enabling us to tailor the gut ecosystem and nutrition to each person using the best combination of bacterial strains and carbohydrates.”

Microbiome science has established the central role of the gut microbial ecosystem in overall health and wellness, yet very few current ingredients have shown any significant impact. Synbiotic Health focuses on understanding and re-modeling this complex gut microbe community, advancing products that meaningfully change the gut microbiota and offer health benefits. Some of the ingredients discovered through our process are the subject of clinical trials and published studies in prestigious journals.

Let’s talk about making your products stand out with our ecologically-advanced microbiome health ingredients.

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