Synbiotic Health Scientists Publish Scientific Paper on Unique Synbiotic Formulation Strategy

University of Nebraska professor and Synbiotic Health co-founding scientist Dr. Robert Hutkins is leading the development of a unique strategy to formulate synergistic synbiotics—and this innovative technique was recently published in an academic paper in the American Society for Microbiology Journal. The paper, entitled “An In Vitro Enrichment Strategy for Formulating Synergistic Synbiotics”, is co-authored by Hutkins along with Car Reen Kok, David Fabian Gomez Quintero, Clement Niyirora, Devin Rose, and Amanda Li.

“To date, demonstrating synergistic effects of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients has been scientifically challenging,”— says Tim Brummels, CEO of Synbiotic Health. “This publication pioneers and approach that shows it’s possible to improve on the synbiotic products currently available on the market. We look forward to continuing our scientific work, creating unique synbiotic formulations to support human health.”

The paper can be found here.