iVE-15® is an ecologically-advanced® probiotic, Bifidobacterium longum iVE-15®, discovered by our scientific team using our unique iVE® discovery platform.

Advantages of iVE-15®:

  • When delivered as a synbiotic with the prebiotic XOS, iVE-15® is demonstrated to establish in 18 out of 20 fecal microbiome samples tested
  • iVE-15® is effective when used at concentrations as low as 2 billion CFU per dose, making it a cost-effective alternative to other probiotics on the market

Synbiotic Health offers B. longum iVE-15® as a bulk powder or in finished product formulations B. longum iVE-15™ is effective at doses as low as 2 Billion CFU per day.

iVE-15® is suitable for delivery in various dietary supplement product forms, and in select food product types.