Probiota Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark. Synbiotic Health is a proud sponsor of Probiota Europe, which brings together experts from industry and academia to discuss the latest applications related to the microbiome and probiotics. At this in-person event, presentations will encompass the opportunities of drug products (i.e. live biotherapeutic products) as well as solutions in the food and supplements […]

Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA

San Diego, USA. Synbiotic Health CSO Zac Lewis will speak at the Global Engage 9th Microbiome & Probiotics R&D & Business Collaboration Forum. This event brings together individuals across academia and industry to discuss the latest microbiome-focused innovations across the spectrum of foods and drugs. The six themes of this year's event are: Gut Microbiota for […]

Probiota Americas

Washington, DC, USA. The Synbiotic Health team is sponsoring and attending Probiota Americas, to be held June 1-3 in Washington, DC, USA. This event, which covers microbiome science as well as novel probiotics, prebiotics, and other ingredients, will feature industry and academic talks, networking opportunities, a 'scientific frontiers' poster session, and more.