The Synbiotic Experts.

A Scientific Approach to Gut Health.

  • Synbiotic Healthâ„¢ is Pioneering this New Category—Synergistic Synbiotic™—as The Complete Synbiotic™.
  • Synergistic means “the sum of the totalis greater than the sum of the parts”.
  • Formulated by Selective Stimulation, with a Prebiotic that Specifically Stimulates the Co-Administered Probiotic.
  • The Future of Premium Gut Health Products are Synergistic Synbiotics™.
  • iVE Synbiotics™ can be Delivered in Food, Beverage, and Supplement Form.

At Our Core.


A leader in innovation and development of the highest quality Synergistic Synbiotics—mixtures of probiotics and prebiotics—that modulate the microbiome to provide consistent health benefits, as supported by clinical evidence.


With a strong dedicated foundation in science, we are creating the premium natural Synergistic Synbiotics branded ingredients for nutrition that can promote lifelong health and wellness.


We value scientific accuracy and transparency above all.