The Synbiotic Experts.


Multi-disciplinary team members with 100 years cumulative experience in respective fields. Over the past decade, Synbiotic Health scientists have published their research in high impact journals and have obtained major research grants for their basic and applied research on gut health leading to the development of synergistic synbiotics, synbiotic technology, and strain development.

Bob Hutkins

Bob Hutkins, Ph.D., University of Nebraska – Founder

35 years as a researcher in probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics.

Andy Benson

Andy Benson, Ph.D., University of Nebraska – Founder

25 years as a researcher in genome evolution of the gut bacteria, currently Director of the Nebraska Food for Health Center.

Jens Walter

Jens Walter, Ph.D., University College Cork: Cork, IE – Founder

20 years as a researcher in microbial ecology and gut microbiology.

Tom Burkey

Tom Burkey, Ph.D. University of Nebraska – Founder

15 years as a researcher in nutrients, gut microbes, and immunity in human and animal gut health.

Tim Brummels

Tim Brummels, President/CEO

30 years of experience having worked with entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including his own consultancy. He was a co-founder and the previous President/CEO, Board member of Prenexus Health, Inc. and brings extensive experience in developing and launching a leading nutritional prebiotic ingredient, xylo-oligosaccharide, in the Natural Health Products industry.

Our Focus.

Leader in innovation and development of premium quality synergistic synbiotics that modulate the microbiome and provide a consistent and healthy outcome supported by clinical evidence.

Collaborative Partners.

IPA, International Probiotics Association
Nebraska Food for Health Center
Nebraska Department of Food Science and Technology
NUtech Ventures
KC Microbiome Communications Group is an agency that offers writing and communications services specifically related to the microbiome, probiotics/prebiotics, microbial therapeutics, and medical microbiology.
Color 9 Creative is a brand marketing and graphic design firm building relationships and interaction between companies and their consumers through design and relationship marketing.